Asian Tattoos

Asia tattoos have become very popular over the last two years. Some may say that the mystery behind it that attracts people to them and the exceptional typesetting Asia. Not to mention it's a great discussion piece because people constantly ask him what that means. They also have some kind of sexual attraction to them. However, there is a growing problem that has been linked to tattoos in Asia. The meaning of the character is lost in the version or the meaning of what people think it means that it be something completely different.

Many athletes and celebrities sporting a sort of Asian tattoo, and they have been victims of those lost in the translation of their tattoo. Here is a list of athletes and celebrities who have some sort of Asian tattoo has been lost in the rewriting or the meaning was misinterpreted.

* Chris Anderson, the Denver Nuggets have the Chinese character for "good" in the shoulder and "bad" on the other. But it seems that something is lost in translation because the character of "bad" also means "nauseous."

* Shawn Marion and Toronto Raptors likes to talk about himself as "The Matrix" and wanted to tell the world knows, so he decided to enter the leg Mandarin. But China says: "The Demon Bird camphor.

* The very talented Justin Timberlake has the character "that" meaning "song" but also "bent, twisted and wrong."

* Britney Spears Kabbalah symbols few in the back of his neck. Is supposed to bring about "healing." But there have been many reports claiming that three symbols are inadmissible if your tattoo does not mean anything.

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