My Perfect Wedding Dress

Although the average total cost of a wedding these years is about $ 20.000, to have a good marriage and a beautiful dress for under $ 3000. I know this can be done because I found my perfect dress and had a wonderful marriage and affordable, including about 20 of our closest relatives and friends. A friend at the end of the night went on to say that ours was the best wedding they had attended. Here's how:

Junior's dress shop, part of the part in stock. Like most brides, Maine lasted forever to find the perfect outfit. But when I found it only costs $ 50. Although not normally shop in the junior section, I suggest you look at it. They have a great selection of fun and fantasy costumes, which are ideal for bridesmaids' dresses or wedding dresses. It 'been a pretty good choice of cream, white and light-colored clothes at Macy's. One I decided it was white halter-style dress to the knee. It was a translucent layer over-fitting satin dress.

Organize an outdoor wedding. It costs about $ 80 to get permission from the City to celebrate our wedding on the beach. We held the sunset on a cliff overlooking the sea. There was a small seating area with circular to forget high school.

Ask a friend to try. Anyone can become a wedding minister on the Internet for less than the cost of dinner. We asked a good friend to act and we wrote our promises. It was much more intimate than the application of a person does in life, that we would not have called that.

Buy your flowers in clusters from a farmer's market. We bought ours from Home Depot really, but in hindsight, I learned that you can get better deals, packages first year, local flora and market your local farmers. It is usually around $ 50-10 for a herd large numbers of beautiful flowers. Friends sprinkled flowers over the earth, where we took our commitments and tied clusters of them on the railing near the cliff.

Ask a friend to take pictures. My sister-in-law is a professional photographer, and she offered to take pictures. His wedding gift to us was a beautiful wedding album. Several family members took the video of the ceremony. One thing to remember: If you have an outdoor wedding and want to be heard, hire speakers and microphones. Words can be drowned by the sounds of nature.

Hiring a local restaurant to answer. This will be your biggest expense and people will remember something, so go ahead and splurge. It may be more interesting than usual chicken or beef fare if you choose your favorite restaurant ethnic food deal. We have chosen a good Indian restaurant, who was well versed in catering. They created a beautiful display on the beach in flower scents copper plate. We created a canopy earlier in the day to protect food.

Make a bonfire s'mores instead of wedding cake. We used the bonfires and tiki torches to light the answer to the shore as a natural choice for us was the s'mores dessert! Naturally, the children especially loved the sweet, and grew up the child in all adults.

During a wedding at an affordable price allows you to focus less on the material world and learn more about why you ar together for this special day. Having a good marriage is to start a life with the one you love life is the pound sterling (a) gift. Consider the words of George Eliot: "What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel they are joined for life - are mutually supportive in the work, to rest on each other in all pain, the minister to each other in all sorrow, to one with each other in silent unspeakable memories astatine when the last goodbye? "

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