My nephew Eric aka DJ Erock, my oldest brother's son owns countless of Air Jordans. Too many to mention but I always know what his latest purchases are thru his FB posts.  Makes me wonder where he stores them all, so next time when I visit him I'll have to see.... [smiles] he has the same guilty pleasures as me, in that we both love SHOES!

I couldn't resist reposting his FB post yesterday of some the original Air Jordan XI sketches from genius Tinker Hatfield. Isn't it amazing how much thought, detail and process goes into designing these shoes from the genius himself.

To read and view more on Tinker Hatfield's original Air Jordan XI sketches, go nicekicks.com and complex.com.

Here is my nephew DJ Erock with Pitbull, Pete Wentz and Selena Gomez at one of his function with San Francisco's radio station 99.7. If you are ever in town you can check him out at the Infusion Lounge in SF and also in Las Vegas at the Haze Nightclub

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