Where's The Love? | Fashion Week Berlin

The fifth Fashion Week Berlin, which is the shoe-horned between the men in the spring ready-to-wear and couture shows in Paris and fall is surrounded by no fewer than nine shows simultaneously, many journalists had a very international wonder why he bothered to attend. And do not hesitate to say that.

But last week, rejected a four-day event outright would be like shooting fish in a barrel. Too easy. Berlin Fashion Week is, after all, still in its infancy and should not be bound by the same standards, such as the stabilization of the Fashion Weeks. And like many offsite events illustrated the creative energy of the city, which is beyond doubt. The challenge for the organizers, IMG, is to channel that spirit into matter, focused on the best part of the German fashion has to offer.

As summarized by Wolfgang Joop a party for his label shows prodigy who, incidentally, in Paris: "Berlin has good products, good red carpets, the good parts, surf the best, but there is still work mode."

And although more than a few shows recalls the presentation of the biennial FIT - models without ill-fitting shoes and t-shirts just do not cut it - there were some standouts, in particular German-born New York, Kai Kühne (international guest This year, the predecessors of Bernhard Willhelm, and Vivienne Westwood) and two new Derya Issever and Sam Frenzel designers who competed in the race tomorrow. (For many of these eight were novice designers, and was the highlight of the week, this writer wants to Designers for tomorrow were today's designers.)

Kühne resumed autumn / winter collection which had already shown in New York, but it seems to combine the sensitivity of spring - and put everything techno soundtrack inspired by the '90s. Most of the models used by zombies slow and curry colored lips. Clothes were not unknown, but it is a style of Avena Gallagher.

The Issever 27 years has been strong start. A high score was the first look with a Peter Pilotto print blouse and a skirt, and decorated with marble and stones. It was as portable as it was stopped.

Frenzel, who won the competition for the engineers of tomorrow, has impressed in an impressive collection, which included a tight leather pants under a short skirt with a large display that seemed to be a nod to the high boots, a couple skirts Rodarte Nicholas Kirkwood with the fall of New York / Winter '09.

Slim cake, perhaps, but in a week, there was often more about Haute-production high-concept, he gave a glimmer of hope for the future of Fashion Week Berlin.

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