How To Style A Woman's Pashmina Scarf

Due to the sheer size of women's scarf shawls, they have been adopted to fit a number of styles making them an extremely versatile accessory for any occasion, season or sex.

How a shawl or pashmina is worn says a lot about the woman wearing it. According to Karen Homer in, Things a Woman Should Know about Style, (Prion 2003), "a pashmina knotted at the neck says city trader, a pashmina scarf untidily wound round over a denim jacket says wannabe model." Over the last few years pashminas have become increasingly popular, with women's fashion experts coming up with never-ending new ways of wearing one to keep the look fresh and modern.

The Wrap

Perhaps the most elegant way to wear a pashmina and to show off its size and smooth texture is to drape it over your shoulders and fold round accordingly.

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